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Get fit one small step at a time!

Fit Time gets you up and moving for short bursts throughout the day.  It's an easy way to fit in up to 1 1/2 hours of exercise without buying a gym membership, or trying to schedule enough time in your busy day to get it done!

Set how frequently you want to do something, say every 30 minutes. Set how long you want to do something, maybe 1 minute?

Set the time span for exercise during the day, perhaps 9 - 5.

Pick your background music from 3 genres.  Now, get fit!

Fit Time will alert you to get up and move!  We have simple exercises that won't make you sweat, don't require special equipment, don't need special clothing or footwear, and can be done virtually anywhere!

You can change intensity, too.  We have 3 levels available, but start on level one until you are familiar with the exercises.

Now on Android!  Download from the Play Store and give it a try.  It's FREE!  Get fit now, with FitTime Stats.

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